Whos that guy (at Fyf 2014 - Exposition Park)

It might look like poop but it was one of best things I’ve ever tasted. Banana chocolate bread pudding cake. OMG (at Republic of Pie)

After discovering the art of drinking a beer while waiting to board a plane I wonder how I ever used to travel (at Bradley International Airport)

It’s not a Hello wallet staff lunch meeting, i promise (at home)

Only in Northampton :-D (at Downtown Northampton / Northampton Mass)

CT river/Sonya&Leah/pesto chicken sandwich from Woodstar = western mass goodness @besternmass @sfierst412 (at Connecticut River)

For those who have asked how to properly cut cheese—A friendly diagram, courtesy of Martha Stewart Living (at en route to 413)

Berlioz. As @abamkpa would say, “what are those?” (at Lincoln Center Theater)

Alex, maman & I (at The High Line)

Spotted on UWS: Childhood memory (at New-York Historical Society Museum & Library)