I feel like I’m back in western MA! #nofilter (at Carnation Farm)

Lovely place to be playing an arborist I’d say (at Carnation Farm)

I found globe and map store! YES! (at Metsker Maps Of Seattle)

Why hello Seattle (at Pike Place Market)

You can take the girl outta new york but… (at in the air)

En route to Seattle to shoot a commercial, #tbm to June when I got to go to Prague to shoot one for this guy! That spot should start airing in December (at Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR))

Kimbra jam sesh, her vocals are prime (at Fold Silverlake - Bootleg Bar)

@ecamwat so proud of you! Yet another great show by my wonderful acting teacher. Go see it peeps, at Rogue Machine! (at Rogue Machine Theatre)

Whos that guy (at Fyf 2014 - Exposition Park)

It might look like poop but it was one of best things I’ve ever tasted. Banana chocolate bread pudding cake. OMG (at Republic of Pie)