These guys are stuck between a rock and a hard place (at Fryman Hiking Trails)

Argentina let’s not MESSi this up, entiendes?! (at home)

Ultimate nerd’s paradise #leagueoflegends #northamericanchampionahip #workingnotattending (at Manhattan Beach Studios)

Quick stop through Yosemite en route back to LA. Even iPhone5s cant capture the beauty here (crazy i know) (at Yosemite National Park - Tunnel Overlook)

Men of great power (at Timber Cove Beach)

Blissful hike (at Desolation Wilderness)

John’s afraid of heights (at Eagle Falls Trailhead (South Lake Tahoe))

Our AirBnb has every VHS tape you could ever want (at south lake tahoe)

Tahoe bound bitchezzzz #roadtrip #fourthofjuly (at Death Valley National Park)

Makin movie magic with these sexy people #hazmat #NBFF (at Liz + Sam’s!)